Artificial Grass Company in Bangkok – Putting Greens

Thailand is a hub of international golfing, with many tournaments played every year. There are many Expatriates that love playing golf here. Thai Garden Design is an artificial grass company in Bangkok, we offer both supply and full installation services, and many times this is for keen golfers!

fake grass for golf garden bangkok
Before shot of the garden …

We were invited to a home in Central Bangkok where the owners loved golf, and wanted to install a putting green and fake grass lawn in the front of their property.

garden designer in bangkok
The putting green has been outlined and approved by the owners

After some sketching and design discussions, sizes were agreed, a grass type chosen, and the team got busy.

bangkok grass and garden
Sand and gravel course has been compacted

The old lawn was completely removed, and a sub base of sand and gravel was compacted, so give a solid and sturdy foundation to the new lawn.

garden design company bangkok
The installation of the artificial grass is underway

Many types of grass are available, and the owners decided to choose a mixed coloured lawn, with a 4cm grass length, very nice for walking and play.

golf garden designer
A neat new putting green for these golf lovers …

Careful cutting of the grass is essential in order to pin the grass down and hide any joins. Cuts were made around the larger trees, and glued to a concrete border which was laid by the team.

landscaping bangkok thailand
Transformation complete! New artificial turf has improved the garden

The putting green shape was carefully cut and flags and holes placed in position at three ends, giving the owners some different angles for their practice. 

garden design thai
An awesome new lawn, which doesn’t need upkeep, cutting or watering

Finally, a silica sand is raked over the grass to help weigh the body of lawn down. The new lawn is vibrant green, looks natural and is now an attractive feature of the garden. It also requires very little maintenance, no watering of fertilizer, and will stay nice and green in the shade.

landscaping bangkok
And a nice long lawn for the rest of the garden, nice underfoot, and zero maintenance

If you’re interested in hiring an artificial grass company in Bangkok, or indeed anywhere in Thailand, then contact us at Thai Garden Design for more information on the different grass types available.


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