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The Thai Garden Design team were contacted to design and install a landscaped garden at an address in Central Bangkok. This family garden was well used, but the owners wanted to make some dramatic improvements to the land levels, planting, pathways as well as build a covered deck design at one of the side doorways of the home.

raised porch bangkok garden

The team got to work first by bringing in new soil and sand to raise the existing levels of the garden, which had compacted and sunk significantly over time. The owners wanted the garden to look as natural as possible, and so installed imitation sleeper pavers, which look great and are extremely low maintenance. A rock garden was also installed at the entrance to the home, for extra colour and as a unique attraction.

landscaped gardens bangkokThe covered deck was raised up approximately 40cm high to make access from the door easy, with steps at either side of the deck giving easy straightforward access to the garden. The deck itself is covered by a modern style pergola, painted to match the window frames and colour scheme of the home.

The owner chose his own lighting fixtures and the team fitted them along with electrical outputs. Lighting across the whole garden was also installed, making it attractive and all areas usable at night times. 

A new planting plan was designed, discussed and agreed on. The main concerns were ongoing maintenance, additional colour, and privacy. The team installed all the plants within three days so the overall scheme was pleasing to the eye and as densley spread as possible. The new garden is full and over time will grow and flourish into a much fuller garden landscape. 

Around the back and sides of the house, the team constructed painted wooden bamboo boxes, and installed a row of green bamboo along the back wall of the home to create a unique walkway. New grass and imitation sleepers make this area of the garden attractive and inviting.

wooden bamboo boxes bangkok

If you own or rent a home in Thailand and could use some help with your garden, be it design, installation, or both, contact the team at Thai Garden Design.

raised deck bangkok garden

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