Complete Driveway Pergola, Privacy Wall and Water Feature

After designing and building this unique outdoor room for a couple in Bangkok, the team were asked by the same couple to create a similar construction for the driveway, in order to create more shade across the driveway, and a privacy wall that would obscure views into the home. 

tropical pergola designs thailand

The new design includes correctly spaced columns for optimum strength and durability, a polycarbon roofing, guttering, electrical outputs and lighting, plus a modern concrete water feature wall, with waterpot and planting. The grass was removed, and an attractive rock garden was installed, with imitation sleeper pavers and large flagstones which make the garden colourful and walking easy. 

tropical garden designs

This new garden design is unique, and has it all. It is low maintenance, shaded, usable, colourful and attractive. Since building the driveway pergola design the team have had numerous enquiries about installing similar designs in the homes around the housing estate. 

driveway pergola thailand

If you need landscaping and garden solutions, designs and installations, we can help you from start to finish. Contact Thai Garden Design for more information on improving your landscape. 

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