Do you need a garden designer in Thailand?

When you look out onto your Thai garden, do you feel happy?

a new garden in Thailand Is your garden space exactly how you would like it?

Few people could answer 'yes,' and that is because, when we purchase property, our first concerns are to do with location, price, and size of the home. Often the garden is seen as a bonus, something we can tackle 'later on,' and it is then often left for another day.

But, did you know that if your garden is properly planted, landscaped and designed, it could add a whopping 10-15% onto the value of your home?

It's true. Check out the article here from Property Experts Although the article is UK based, it is a universal truth the world over, a nice garden is an excellent asset to your property.

Many people overlook their garden, which is a shame, as deep down, we are all so naturally tuned in to our surroundings, and nature.

In Thailand, where so much of our living is outdoors, it is especially important to have a garden you can feel at home in.

If the above descriptions apply to you in anyway, then why not talk to a professional Thai garden designer?

On contact, a landscaping professional will visit your home, measure your garden, and give advice on different features and ideas. They will then leave your property and come back later with design ideas that suit your requirements.

It is only after work has been agreed that there will be any discussion of money, and a good Thai landscape designer will always work to within your budget, if agreed beforehand.

But most importantly, in 99% of the cases we have experience of, customers are so pleased with the finished result that they view the cost as a very worth while investment.

If you have a Thai garden or gardening project in Thailand, from small domestic gardens to large scale resorts and factories, why give Pornchai Garden a call. We worked extensively throughout the entire Kingdom, and we promise you won't regret it.

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