Features of a successful Thai Garden

Living in a tropical climate like Thailand has it's drawbacks, especially if your have come from a milder climate. This article is designed to help those of you who are new to Thailand to begin to take that first step to realising the Thai garden of your dreams.

Natural_thai_garden Here are a few important features and points to consider when thinking about your perfect Thai garden.

The Heat
Thailand is a hot country. In it's hottest months, the temperature can go above 40c. This means often it is cooler inside than outside, but, there are many things you can do to help combat the heat so you are able to enjoy the outdoors.

Create Shaded areas
In Thailand's climate, it's important to stay out of the direct sunlight, this means you want to create shaded regions, using tree's, plants, gazebo's and pergola's. You also want your decked and walking area's shaded as much as possible so you can walk on them without footwear. Having said this, you want to make sure you maintain a good amount of natural light, or there will be little point in being outside.

Water Features
An excellent way to cool down your garden is to introduce water. A water feature like a small rock waterfall, or fish pond, will help cool an area down, plus if used alongside a shaded region it can really help to combat times of extreme heat.

Insects, pests and disease
Due to the climate, pests can be a major annoyance in a tropical garden. Talk to a professional about ways to control particular pests, as treatments are often available. Within the garden, it is always best to keep as natural a remedy as possible – the use of pesticides can often kill off beneficial bacteria and species that are helpful to the health of a garden.

Other methods include hoeing weeds, ensuring fruit is clear of the ground and ensuring that there is good ventilation throughout the garden to minimise the spread of rot or disease.

Grassed areas
Grassed areas in your garden are recommended as a grassed areas will help cool down the floor regions of your garden, plus with lots of watering, it's a fun way of keeping the area cool and more attractive.

Seeding and planting
Everyone enjoys watching their garden grow up from fresh soil; make sure you follow packaging directions, which will be individual to each plant. Also make sure that you don't plant your seeds to deep as this will result in poor growth. Watering plants in Thailand – as a general rule – the more the better, but each plant will have it's own optimum levels.

Ask your plant supplier for advice, and take a Thai friend if you struggle with speaking Thai.

Hazardous animals
Snakes and lizards fall into this category. Best to talk to a local landscaper, who will know of treatments that will repel both snakes and lizards. Good gateing and fencing is also recommended.

Garden design
By looking through magazines, websites and books, you can decide what it is you would like to see in your garden, focusing maybe of soft landscaping, the use of water features, flat areas of grass and trees – anything is possible. Again, it would be beneficial to talk to a landscaping professional who can assist you to develop your ideas.

Don't forget, if you have any specific queries about how to develop your garden in Thailand, feel free to email us here at Pornchai Garden at ben@thaigardendesign.com

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