Planning you new Thai Garden (3) – Creating your Design

One of the most important aspects of improving or redesigning your Thai garden is knowing what you like. Once you begin to mentally list these things and put them to paper, the ideas will begin to flow….. Looking for design inspiration and ideas is a key part of this process.

How to create your perfect thai garden
Don't worry if inspiration doesn't come easily at first. Here are some great tips to help you get off the starting block with your new garden plan.

• Books, magazines and websites – These are great for discovering the type and styles of gardens that you like. Would you prefer to base your emphasis on plants and flowers, or on general landscaping? Do you want clear and neat borders, or a more informal curved and flowing foliage garden? Pictures in books and magazines should help you decide.

• Don't be influenced by individual plants, as these are easily changed. Instead, look for design ideas that appeal to you.

• Make sketches, but keep them as sketches, this is just for exploring ideas, and it would be unrealistic to think you could acheive your perfect Thai garden from your first rough sketch!

• At the early stages, concentrate on your patterns and lines rather than planting schemes. The choosing of the plants to best fit comes after you have the design and patterns right first.

• After you have several outlines and design ideas, make a list of your favourite. Then walk away! That's right, walk away for at least a day. It pays to revisit them with a fresh perspective later on.

• If your plans lack appeal once you revisit them, repeat the process. Gradually you will get closer to ideas that you really like, and you will start to find ways of improving your earlier designs.

• Don't be afraid to visit your garden and visualise your best designs, pace them out, use pegs etc. This will help you gain confidence in the ideas that you prefer.

In the next part of planning your new Thai garden, we will look at the best ways to start sketching, and tips on how to incorporate different patterns.

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