Family Fish Pond in Sathorn, Bangkok

Thai Garden Design recently visited and installed this amazing new fish pond for a family residing in the Sathorn district of Bangkok. The youngest member of the family has a spiralling interest in keeping fish, and as a newly moved in-to property, the rest of the family decided to help him explore his interest and arranged the visit and installation.

koi pond bangkok

The pond itself measures 3.0m in length x 2,0m in width, taking up a good size of the garden in view of the lounge area. A concrete filter was also fitted on the far side, covered by a thick hardwood decking, stained for sun protection. Pumps, UV lights and several air jets were also fitted as standard, to help keep the water moving (mosquito repellent) and the keep the water free from algae. After leaving the water in the pond for approximately one week, this helps remove impurities from the newly laid concrete, and the water can be pumped out via the bottom drains, with new water pumped in, ready for the new fish.

pond builder thailand

The pond was also piled for stability, and the concrete reinforced.

pond construction thailand

Finally, the team removed all construction debris, and laid new broad leaf turf, and tropical planting, which makes the pond and this garden a real picture of tropical living! If you like ponds, and need a professional team to build one for you, you’ve found us! Contact Thai Garden Design today.

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