Family Tropical Garden in Sathorn, Bangkok

Following on from a small family koi pond installation at a home in Sathorn, Bangkok, the team were invited to design and improve the tropical planting and pathways for the rest of the garden. Much of the planting had ‘thinned out’, with pebbles and pavers misplaced, wobbly or a tripping hazard. The team advised, and got to work.

tropical garden scape thailand

(Picture above: The entrance to the home, with new planting installed). The family explained their likes and dislikes, and the types of finished garden they were looking for. The Thai Garden Design team selected and sourced all the plants in accordance, and arrived and installed professionally, and with amazing results.

hardscape softscape thai

The team designed a simple brick pathway, allowing easier access around the side of the house, which had become a sandpit with a few loose paving slabs. The area is now usable, and decorative. An old stand alone pot (pic above) was enhanced with planting and hardscape.

garden design thailand

The back garden area was re-grassed with hard wearing broad leaf shade grass, with artificial sleepers arranged as an informal pathway, leading to the other side entrance to the house.

tropical plants

In key areas where privacy from neighbours was desirable, bamboo fences were professionally installed, with concrete footings and UV protection. Existing trees were improved with various foliage and tropical planting.

tropical landscaping plants

Key areas of the garden, those situated in viewing areas of the house, were targeted, ensuring pleasing views from the interior. Existing plants were relocated throughout the landscape, enhancing the garden to new levels.

bangkok gardens

The owners of the home were thrilled with their new garden… one which will flourish and develop over the coming months and years… If you’re in the market to improve your tropical Thai garden, look no further.. You’ve found us. Contact the team here for a friendly consultation.

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