Decorative Buddha and Water Pot Feature for Entrance Garden in Pranburi

courtyard garden thai gardenThe Thai Garden Design team recently visited and helped put together this attractive duo feature for an entrance garden at a new house build on the outskirts of Hua Hin in Pranburi. The house builders had 90% finished the home, and the Expat couple were interested in making their entrance courtyard a welcoming and inviting place to all visiting guests.

Their idea was to have an unique Buddha style statue to welcome guests, along with an attractive water pot feature across the two small ponds at the centre of the courtyard. Their main concern was filtration, and how to house it so it was hidden from view, but operational at all times.

The team decided the best option would be to house all pumps, UV lights and filtration medium underneath the central bridge, in between the two ponds.

decorative buddha garden art thailand

The Buddha statues were sourced from across the Gulf of Thailand in Chonburi province. Thai Garden Design have a long-standing and solid relationship base across many major provinces with multiple suppliers, so are able to source unique and hard to find garden art. The couple were extremely pleased with the Buddha, who stands just over a metre tall. The water pot feature is also unique, and was sourced from North Bangkok and was hooked up to a timer system, so the owners need not worry about turning on / off at different times of the day.

decorative water pot thailand

Together with some low maintenance water plants, this courtyard garden has been transformed into a welcoming and very Thai style space. If you are looking for garden and landscape solutions in Thailand, well done, you have found us! Contact the Thai Garden Design team today for a friendly chat about your Thai garden.

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