Garden Resurrection! Tropical Garden in Hua Hin improves Modern Style Home

This good sized garden at a recently built home in Hua Hin was not finished by the developer. Due to various reasons, the garden had been left some time with only the potential remaining. The owners had clear ideas about the direction they wanted to take – modern, minimalist and low maintenance style.

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The team worked with the home owners on a new landscape design plan which stretched out over several months. Several designs were exchanged as ideas and planting plans were refined. Once the design was agreed, full costs were supplied.

modern landscaping

Picture above: As the existing garden had been left untouched for a couple of years, the team needed to arrange the supply of several loads of new earth, which was spread across the landscape once the existing ground had been broken up and tilled.

tropical landscaping thai

Across the landscape the Thai Garden Design team constructed wooden form-work in order to lay cement slab pathways, forming the main access across the garden and down the side alleys. Other features included a fully automatic sprinkler system, attractive rock gardens, new grass and a modern planting scheme.

landscaped gardens thai

Picture above: This attractive and modern terrace was designed by the team on site. The side planters restrict the planting space, keeping the walkways free and easy to traverse, with nice bright white pebbles as infill between the slabs.

sprinkler systems hua hin

A nice collection of Orleander, Bird of paradise, Mcarther palms and Ladypalms give a nice dense foliage across the main wall, with a feature Dracaena loureiri at the far end. Malaysia broad leaf grass ensures a low maintenance, thick lawn which is a great area for the kids to enjoy.

thai gardens

This once empty space is now a vibrant picture of colour and differing foliage. The sprinkler system will ensure all the plants and grass get a good watering everyday, a great way to ensure a healthy garden in the tropics.

green gardens thailand

A wonderful garden for this wonderful home. If you need help with your garden landscape, contact us here for a friendly consultation about your dream garden in Thailand.

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