Cycas Circinalis – Queen Sago

The Queen Sago are among some of the the most distinctive of plants in the tropical world; with large, shiny green crowns of pinnate leaves, resembling a large green rosette. The larger ones resemble a strange cross between a fern, and a variety of palm tree, with their feather like leaves. Usually, this member of the Cycadaceae family owns a thick base trunk, which only increases in height at a very slow pace.

Queen sago cycas circinalis_1

The C.circinalis resembles a small palm tree; with larger varieties growing as tall as 6 metres (20 feet), although this is rare. Normally, mature C.circinalis only reach around 3m (10 feet).

They are tough and hardy, sun loving plants, and can grow well in loamy and thick clay soils, although they prefer well drained soil.

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