Artificial Grass Installation at Bangkok Home

This garden in Central Bangkok was the new home of an expat family living and working in the city. The owners had finished making changes to the house interior, and were scratching their heads over the garden… The couples two young children were having trouble enjoying the garden, which was made up of large dull pavers, not attractive to walk, sit or run on.

artificial grass bangkok

After visiting the site and discussing the various options available, the owner opted to have an artificial grass lawn installed across the whole space of over 100 sqm.

Artificial_grass_thailand_5The team laid down a sand and gravel course as the foundation for the new artificial lawn, as well as constructing a new hardwood deck in one corner, so the parents could sit, relax and watch their children playing in the garden.

Border plants were also advised on, and installed around the edges of the new lawn. The planting scheme included some of the owners favourite types, including the frangipani tree, where an empty pit used to be.

The selection of new plants took into account the low light levels, which has meant many of the previous plants had not grown successfully. Good maintenance practices were advised on and offered as part of the service.

new artificial grass lawn installation

Artificial grass was definitely the best option in this instance, as the orientation and existing trees meant that there was little light getting through into the space, making it very difficult to grow natural grass successfully. The new grass lawn is just as good, requires less maintenance, and is perfectly nice to sit on, picnic on, and play sports on.

grass lawn bangkok

Many gardens in Bangkok and other places in Thailand have problems with growing and maintaining good natural grass. If you are interested in having a nice lawn for the family, then consider an artificial lawn, they are a good, if sometimes unfamiliar, option.

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Email for more information, or samples of artificial grass. If you're having trouble with your Thai garden grass, this could be the best option!

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