Gravel Driveway for Hua Hin Resident

This new gravel driveway was recently installed at a house being constructed in an up-and-coming area of Hua Hin. Having completed the main construction details within the plot, the owners were interested in landscaping the development. Their initial requirement was to install a wide, long driveway. in order to make transportation of the finishing building materials easier.

The driveway, from the gate to the house, is approximately 40m in length, and so the owner wanted a drive that would be usable, low maintenance, but without the large cost of a concrete or paved drive.

gravel drive bangkok

Because of the dimensions of the landscape, it was feasible to add a roundabout, ensuring ease of use, and for additional planting and treescape at a later stage.

bangkok driveway

The drive was firstly laid with a weed fabric material to ensure weeds can't get through, followed by a type 1 aggregate to approximately 4 inches, which was heavily compacted.

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A top layer of nicer, finer gravel was then used to top of the drive (approx 1-2 inches) which was leveled and also compacted. The driveway was edged with a retaining brick that matched the colour scheme of the home. When finished, the house is now accessible to all vehicles, including cycles, cars and trucks, which can easily navigate / turn through the roundabout.

More landscaping on this plot will occur later. If you are interested in driveway solutions for your Thai homef be it a new build or an established home, then email for more information on the options available.

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