Composite Wood Decking for Bangkok Home

Thai Garden Design became involved in a project in Bangkok where the owners were developing both home and office buildings on a large plot in the Sukhumvit area. The Thai Garden team were involved in several areas, one of which was the design and construction of a large house decking at the back of the home.

deck installation thailand

The deck was to run the full length of the building, and be raised to the doorway level, with several steps down and a walkway across to a pool sala built by the team (post here). The decking chosen was a wood composite board (Shera) which the owner felt would be less maintenance over the long term. The team had to build solid supports to raise the decking and to house a pond filter nearby (also built by the team).

garden landscape designs bangkok

Once the supports were all installed, the team constructed the deck and painted it a deep brown, giving overall a very contemporary finish, which the owner liked, and which also matched the colours of the sala and privacy boards around the outer walls. Access panels were also constructed to give access to the filter, and a trellis with climbing plants was built to give privacy from nearby areas.

thai landscaping decking

(Picture above: Connecting walkways and planting also make for a nice, tropical atmosphere within the back garden area).

pool decking and terrace bangkok

If you need a professional landscaping team in Thailand, contact the Thai Garden Design team today.

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