Being Creative with Dull or Patchy Areas in your Thai Garden

Within the many gardens we come across, often we find the same problem; a region of ground or areas of grass that are patchy and lacking in any form of plant growth. There are various remedies for grass, but in a small number of cases this isn't possible (for example, if a tree in a neighbouring plot is creating too much shade for your grass to thrive, and you cannot convince your neighbour to prune / remove, what can you do?)

There are many creative solutions you can choose from, and here are three possible solutions.

1. Build a rock garden, with shade loving ferns or plants

garden design bangkok

In this example, the area directly next to a home was forever in shade, and so the Thai Garden Design Team created colourful beds using shade loving plants and aesthetic pebbles and stones. The effect goes particularly well with the colours of the home and floor tiles.

2. Create an in-shade sitting area, with rocks, and simple paving slabs 

patio design thailand

In this example, you are not only ridding yourself of an unsightly area, you are also creating an attractive, usable space which is available at any time, and adapted to suit any size and space.

3. Build a new water feature

water pond in thailand garden

This is a fantastic way of developing a garden space where there is too much shade or a general lack of ideas. A water pond will become a living part of your garden landscape, one that is constantly changing and moving, beautiful to watch, and one which will also help attract natural wildlife, and create a pleasant cool zone in your garden.

There are so many ways to improve areas of your garden that are under-utilised or unslightly. If you have such an area, or would like some general Thai garden advice, contact [email protected] for a chat.

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