Balcony Deck & Garden in Bangkok

Thai Garden Design recently installed a new balcony garden design for a seventh floor apartment in the heart of Bangkok (picture below during rain).

balcony garden and wooden timber decking thailand bangkok

Beforehand, the balcony was an empty canvas, with just a plain concrete floor and drains.

urban balcony garden

Because the (previous) decking wasn't installed correctly, the old wood quickly deteriorated and had to be removed. The team ensured the correct wood and methods were used to ensure a long term, attractive decking, perfect for socialising and relaxation.

modern balcony design thailand

A simple lick of paint, followed by a new deck, wooden wall trellis for climbing plants, with some modern concrete planters, make a huge difference to this once barren space.

wooden deck balcony bangkok

If you own an apartment or condo in Thailand, with a 'not-so-attractive' balcony garden, and you'd like to create something special, email for a full and friendly consultation.

1 thought on “Balcony Deck & Garden in Bangkok”

  1. What a wonderful transformation! It really enhances the balcony. Gorgeous display of reddish brown to golden brown. A more distinguished grain pattern gives you a more diverse looking deck.

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