Waterfall Relaxation Garden in Prachiburi, Thailand

The Thai Garden Team were recently contracted to build a new rock waterfall and pond design at a residence in Prachinburi, Thailand. The owner had a large open space at the front of their newly built house, and wanted the team to create a place of relaxation and beauty for all his family members.

waterfall and pond design thailand

The area beforehand was empty and unused and the garden design created by the customer and the team needed to deal with large amounts of water run-off from the roof during heavy rainfall (see here).

rock waterfall bangkok thailand

The new design incorporates two side terraces, an overflow pool and runway from the house, pond and waterfall, plus pathways, lighting and planting. Some of the problems experienced by the owner before the design was installed will be examined in the next post.

If you need a reliable landscaping and garden design contractor, and your reside (or plan to reside) in Thailand, contact or email [email protected] for a chat.

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