Dealing with Roof Run-Off and Drainage – Build a New Garden Pond

A customer of Thai Garden Design was experiencing major water problems during heavy rains. Due to the U shape of the house, heavy run-off was splashing down into a section between the buildings, leaving the ground patchy, and damp. Although this wasn't such a problem during the dry season, the area still needed some expert attention, as the owner wanted to improve the overall garden and install a large pond (seen at this post here).

landscaping drainage bangkok

The team designed a water runway catchment pond with the client, within which covered the worst sections of the 'spill' area. This runway leads down slope, feeding into the main pond (also installed by the team). In periods of heavy rainfall, the excess run-off is therefore drained down into the pond, leaving the surrounding area dry and free of problems.

thai garden waterfall

(during construction: above). The team also improved the once bare garden by installing lighting, a new attractive terrace at either side of the spill runway, plants, ornaments, and a large array of natural boulders.

thailand garden pond landscaping

The area has now been transformed into a modern garden area, with new planting and features. Roof run-off is no longer a problem, as it efficiently flows into the pond, and out via an overflow.

If you are experiencing drainage issues in your garden landscape in Thailand, email or call 083 885 9304 for a friendly chat.

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  1. That’s splendid work right there! It will not flood the new garden, but rather monumentally beautify the whole place. I’m guessing the roof is sloped towards the garden.

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