Adding a Dry Stream to your Tropical Garden ….

Many garden owners could benefit from adding a low maintenance dry stream to their property. Ponds and stream-like constructions do require maintenance, but with a dry stream, you can create an instant feature, that only needs to be kept free of leaves etc.

tropical landscapes

In this example above (Tropical Landscaping for Large Hua Hin Garden) the whole side of this large garden was nothing more than a muddy ditch, with a few haphazardly planted beds. The idea was to create a much more attractive feature, to cover the side and add added interest. A dry stream is perfect for this type of landscaping problem.

dry stream designs

A multicoloured pebble base (on top of imported geo textile anti weed fabric) is decorated with large natural stone boulders, and accompanied with side planting, which breaks up the sides and adds colour and layered foliage.

garden landscape solutions

The side of the garden is now a beautiful feature. Settled amongst the existing mature trees, and new planting on the lawn side, this dry stream has become a major part of the garden, and replaced the eyesore which was detrimental to the landscape.

natural boulders for waterfall

And at the top of the steam, the Thai Garden Design team build this 1.50m tall waterfall feature, which the team adapted to hold a small pond, with pump and switch so the top of the 'dry stream' creates the calming water sound. If you have garden landscape dreams and reside in the Kingdom of Thailand, feel free to contact us for a friendly chat about your needs.

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