Water Curtain Feature for Bangkok Home …

This unique, bespoke made ‘Water Curtain’ Feature was recently designed and installed by the Thai Garden Design team for a home garden in Bangkok. The family wanted to make a feature that symbolised the loss of King Bhumibol in 2016, and believed the Water Curtain to be a fitting tribute. 

water curtain water feature bangkok

The feature stands approxamately 2.50m tall, with a recycling water trough at the base. The team also improved the planting around garden. Lighting at the top of the curtain gives great reflections off of the perfectly spaced water lines. 

water features bangkok gardens

The owners of this modern Bangkok home now have a unique and attractive water feature which emits the pleasant sound of running water, a great talking point to all visitors to this garden. Video of the Water Curtain in action below..

If you require a professional landscape design and installation team, you’ve found us… Contact Thai Garden Design to make your tropical garden dreams come true.

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