Tropical Landscaping for Large Hua Hin Garden

The team at Thai Garden Design have recently transformed this large Hua Hin garden into a resort style tropical landscape. On arrival, the team were presented with a maintained, but tired looking garden. The existing layout was patchy, the stone borders and planting around the home were a bit of an eyesore. See picture below as an example.

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The owner of the property had big ideas for a long dry steam, running down the entire side of the boundary wall (a later post), a fully automatic sprinkler system, new planting and a rock waterfall as a feature to the side (later post).

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As can be seen from the above picture, the team began with one of the main new features of the garden – a stone pathway, curving through the landscape and making all areas easily accessible. Once the pathway was excavated, concrete was laid and dried.

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(Picture above: the new garden is beginning to take shape). Once the concrete was set, a random cut sandstone pathway was laid… giving a great finish against the natural backdrop of mountains and forest. The old grass was completely removed, with new earth and sand brought in and graded.

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Picture above: The garden is complemented with a new low-maintenance planting scheme, including ficus, yellow pandanus and an attractive dracaena loureiri next to the guest house. Once the pathway was set, the team installed final planting and the new bermuda grass lawn.

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New lighting fixtures were installed throughout the garden, around the pathway and lighting up larger trees across the landscape. The picture above shows the walkway up to the home, with yellow ixora decorating the entrance.

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The automatic sprinkler system is set to run twice a day, first thing and later in the afternoon. This will ensure the long term health of the garden, and free's the maintenance team up for other tasks. 

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A transformation. The new garden is easily navigated, with beautiful plants and features at every turn. In time the garden will also grow and thrive. For more information on changing your garden landscape in Thailand – contact us here.

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