Wooden Railing for Pool Terrace in Hua Hin

Thai Garden Design have a team that can cater for all Expats from all over the world. In this latest example, a Russian couple who were building a house in Hua Hin contacted the team to see if we could help them to design and install a decorative wooden railing around their pool, to help them to keep their cats within the confines of the home.

hardwood railing thailand

The team got to work and came up with several designs, gradually narrowing down the desired look and finish. The railing was over 15m long in its entirety, and stretched 3m tall. All gaps had to be within a 6cm span, so that the cats could not escape. The railing was also built with four gates, allowing easy access from the whole terrace to the pool.

carpenters thailand wooden fence

The finished railing is adds real attraction to the home; increasing shade to the terrace and therefore having a cooling effect across the whole house. As the railing has been constructed with an good quality, appropriate hardwood, it will last for many years, and needs only minimal maintenance.

hardwood railing fence bangkok

If you are looking to improve your home in Thailand, or make areas inaccessible to animals or children, whilst still being attractive, email ben@thaigardendesign.com for a friendly chat about your ideas.

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