Reliable ‘Grass Type’ Ground Covers – Ophiopogon

Ophiopogon intermediusIf you're looking for low maintenance, 'grass type' ground cover, one that does well in shadier or less sunnier parts of the garden, maybe you could try the several species of Ophiopogon of the Botanical family Liliaceae.

Ophiopogon intermedius, or otherwise known as Lillturf, has bright white border edges to it's long whiskery leaves and is generally tough and can be left to it's own devices in many garden settings, although generally this variety prefers filtered light. Another type, Ophiopogon japonicus is similar but is completely green and grows in clumps or tufts. Widely referred to as Mondo grass, it prefers shade and will help keep dull parts of the ground looking colourful. Both types need regular watering and well drained soil.

mondo grass(picture above: Ophiopogon intermedius / picture right: Ophiopogon japonicus, or mondo grass)

These are just two examples of ground covers you can employ to dull or difficult parts of your garden landscape, there are hundreds of other types that can also be used. If you would like to have a professional garden design completed, or you are just intereted in ordering plants or trees in Thailand, you can email for more details and pricing for your location, or check out our tropical plant catalogue here.

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