Creating Outdoor Covered Areas – The Lean to Pergola

All houses need covered areas outside to increase storage space and protect items from the elements, but this can be especially so in South East Asian countries, where the weather can be both harsh and volatile. Thai Garden Design recently constructed this lean to pergola at a house in Bangkok, to give the owners a little more area outside to store everyday items and help with the general daily activities.

wooden pergola

The lean to pergola can be built just about anywhere near to or alongside a building, and in all shapes and sizes (the example here is actually constructed without any supporting columns; normally these are a standard part of the build, but don't have to be).

garden pergola

Pergolas can be covered with polycarbonate roofing material to protect everything underneath from the elements, and which come in a range of colours, or, for an increased decorative effect, you can install creeper plants and climbers along the sides of the pergola and which, over time, will grow through the battens and rafters to colour and cover the top of the pergola.

polycarbonate for pergola

Pergola's are also popularly located over decking or terrace or patio areas to add extra shade, as well a offer a welcome place to sit, host dinner or BBQ, or just to read a book or work on the computer outside in the fresh air.

If you are interested in adding a pergola to your garden in Thailand, email [email protected] for more information.

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