Wall Demolition and Removal in Thailand

Sometimes, garden and landscape design in Thailand isn't pretty. For instance, at some point, you may need a wall demolished and removed. Due to the nature of the construction within Bangkok and Thailand, walls may have deep foundations and footings, sometimes making their removal a little more 'industrial', particularly if you have a long, or large wall.

wall demolition company thailand

In the above example, a factory unit in Bangkok was being redeveloped into the adjacent plot, and consequently there was no need for the separating wall. The Pornchai Garden team assessed the job and after agreement began the destruction of the wall.

industrial landscaping tropical

After demolition of this 80m wall, the team got to removing all the footings and debris.

demolition thailand

The entire wall was removed within 3 days, leaving the area open to new developments.

If you need help with demolition or construction, talk to the landscaping experts at Thai Garden Design by emailing ben@thaigardendesign.com or by calling 080 655 8110

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