Waterfall Feature for Small Bangkok Garden

Often there are regions within Thai gardens where it is hard to cultivate grass or plants. There can be many reasons why this happens, but usually it is due to heavy shade, or excess water run-off during wet seasons. In this example, a homeowner in Bangkok was fed up with trying to grow grass in his small front garden and asked the design team at Pornchai Garden to come up with some suggestions.

bad grass in bangkok garden thailand

The team suggested they build a waterfall pond for the area, which would give the owner the opportunity to keep fish, improve the view, and provide somewhere nice to relax.

small waterfall garden bangkok

Natural rocks make up the waterfall part of this new concrete pond, which comes fitted with a mechanical filter, pump, plants, stones, new grass and spotlights for night time viewing. The pond is suitable for keeping fish, and the team advised on chemicals to use in the water to kill mosquito growth.

garden in bangkok grass company

The surrounding pathway areas were also improved by the team, who stripped the old grass, added coloured pebbles, and utilised existing plants and some new ones to create the new look.

small bangkok garden

The new garden goes well with the existing pathway and house, and now renains a much more pleasant place to spend time and relax.

thailand waterfall pond bangkok

If you need help with your Thai garden, no matter your location, contact ben@thaigardendesign.com or call 080 655 8110 (Thai and English).

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  1. The waterfall ponds was so amazing. The transformation process was so unique and creative. the area is really relaxing. We have a fishpond on our backyard but its not as beautiful as you had. Thanks for showing some ideas you have.Nice Photos. I love it.

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