Vertical Garden Design in Phuket

Customers who look to our services are of every hue, from private individuals with small plots to major hotel and restaurant chains, one such customer at Himmapana Villas, Phuket, had their own very clear vision, to install a vertical garden design. This was to be something spectacular – both an impressive single feature, and an aid to embellish a less attractive gym wall at a residential development in Phuket. 

vertical garden designs
The Frame for the wall is constructed at the site

The idea was to create an Artificial Green Wall for a gym area at the popular location and, having had the principals opening input, we were left to take the idea and run with it.

garden design team thailand
A green background colour will provide the base

Designed & Built from Start to Finish

Using the initial pictures, the Thai Garden Design team designed the finished look and construction method of the finished wall which measured a full nine meters long with a height of three meters.

artificial plants phuket thailand
The Team hard at work designing the new green wall

A fitting of such size demanded careful planning and it was decided to handle the initial construction at our site in Bangkok which saw both the physical build of the wall frame from local hardwood with a green felt backdrop, before transporting to the site in Phuket.

green wall designs thailand
The New Wall Looks Amazing

Whilst being built careful thought was given to the makeup of a artificial plants, ferns and tropical shrubs to be used in the display.

vertical gardens phuket
A Collection of Dense and Vibrant Colour

As can be seen clearly in the photographs such features make an amazing feature, allowing a perpetual and spectacular display with zero maintenance. The types of vertical garden design not only look good, they create a favorable impression and are excellent for brightening up the special areas of a resort, hotel or workplace.

amazing green wall design thailand
A Complete Change for this Area

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