Rock Waterfall Pond Designs – an Amazing Features in any Thai Garden

Many of our projects come from residents who simply want to add character to their garden plots and such was the case with this property in Bangkok which we recently built this amazing rock waterfall pond.

The owners wanted more than just a landscape makeover so, in addition to laying a new lawn and installing a full range of plants suitable for the ecosystem within, it was decided to raise the tone with the design, excavation and introduction of a natural looking wildlife pond.

The finished rock waterfall pond measures three by two meters and, in addition to the rocks and water favoring plants, has a natural soft flowing waterfall and can be switched on to reveal the integral ultra violet lighting.

Bangkok is perennially popular for this type of makeover as owners strive to individualize their properties in a part of the country when so often many gardens take a simplified form and occupiers seek to stamp their own personality on their areas of recreation.

Thai Garden Design therefore find much of the private works it undertakes comes from both the center of the Thai capital, and the surrounding suburbs and range in size and complexity.

If you are interested in seeing what we can do for you please drop us a line and we can talk about drawing up a bespoke set of plans to suit both the size of your property, and your pocket.


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