Extend your Living Space into the Garden – Deck & Pergola

One of the most interesting facets of our job is that every installation, design or commission is a bespoke article with its own set of challenges. In this case the homeowners were interested to extend living space into the garden. 

tropical pergola designer
The Construction of the Deck and Pergola Frame

Having been approached by Thai residents living in the outskirts of Bangkok on a residential estate to design an outdoor sitting area consisting of a pergola with composite decking, it took about a week to produce plans suited to the customers satisfaction after much to and fro regarding the finer points.

Outdoor Living Space for Gardens in Thailand
Beautiful Landscaped Garden, Leading to the Pergola / Deck

This left only a week to complete the contract as the customer decided the work should be complete before the New Year, a target that Thai Garden Design was able to meet.

hardwood wpc pergola designs
Aesthetic and modern, the polycarbonate protects against UV and rainfall

With the changeable Thai climate enclosed areas such as this make it possible to enjoy the changing facets of the garden even in periods of wild weather with the surroundings viewable at close quarters when the rain is falling and the air cooling.

tropical house pergola thailand
A Welcome Extension to the Living Room

The technical specifications for this job meant whilst hardwood was used to construct the body of the sala, the composite flooring and the polycarbonate roofing provided materials more suited to a longer life in the changeable temperatures and humidity which they will be required to face up to.

modern pergola designs
The space is now usable and a great looking feature to the home

Amazing Results

The new facility also boasts timed downlights as a built in feature, making the property appear larger than formerly by adding useful and useable space without the top heavy investment required from a full build extension and changing the very nature of the house/garden portal.

garden designer in bangkok
The extension of the Living Room is a welcome addition to the home

The size means the area can be used in a number of ways with different configurations of furniture to suit the owners taste and requirements and temporary transformation for particular occasions such as house parties. If you are interested to extend living space into the garden, then contact us here at THAI GARDEN DESIGN


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