Beautiful Turtle Pond Design in Pattaya …

The Thai Garden Design team were called to a client in Pattaya who had the unusual request to assist in the creation of a good sized turtle pond design in Pattaya. 

pond design team thailand
The reinforcement rods have been installed

The client was clear on the overall concept and various inclusions. The pond itself needed to be a good size – 3m x 2m in this case, and around 1m deep.

landscape design team thailand
The construction of the pond is well underway

The Main Features of a Turtle Pond

The pond needed to also have natural plant filtration, as well as a filter area, accessible via a decking housed at the back. 

modern pond design pattaya
Before and After shot of the pond location

A basking area, accessible via a ramp leading out of the water, is also essential for the turtle, so they can swim and bask throughout the day. 

landscape design team
The new tiles make the new feature look stunning …

As turtle will eat just about anything, plants were to be included, but in corner planters that the turtle cannot get to. 

modern pool designs
The modern look of this pond makes it a great feature in the home

Nice modern grey tiles were selected to decorate all areas of the pond, including the sides, inside and planter and filter areas. A submersible pump hidden within the filter area powers the water through a planted filtration area, feeding the water feature shelf. 

pond designer thailand
The pond is now ready for it’s new inhabitants

The resulting pond is a wonderful, eye-catching water feature. The planted areas include a mix of water plants and grasses which give some nice colour to the final feature. 

modern water features in thailand
Modern turtle pond design!

The customer was thrilled with the finished pond, which in our experience is a first in Thailand. A great looking turtle pond design for this home, and an amazing home for the owners turtles. 

garden company pattaya thailand
The plant filtration ensures the cleanliness of the recirculating water

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