Tropical Dream Garden in Samui

Thai Garden Design were contacted by an Expat couple who were building a new home in Koh Samui, and were interested to design and execute their tropical dream garden in Samui.

landscape plan thailand samui
The landscape plan was approved and the team stuck to the layout during the installation …

After several submissions, a design was approved and costed. It included many key features:

landscaping company samui
The shape of the garden layout is being created

The Key Features

As well as a well designed planting scheme, filled with height, foliage and color, the couple were interested to include an attractive waterfall and pond, with bridge feature. 

garden designer in thailand
The stepping stone walkway and plants have started

A fully automatic sprinkler system (Hunter) was also part of the new garden, in the interests of ease of maintenance and the overall health of all the new plants, grass and trees

garden bridge thailand
This pond and bridge are a wonderful feature for any garden ..

A sunbathe area was also an important aspect for the new owners, who wished to have a dedicated relaxation area where they could enjoy full sunshine, whilst within a wonderful tropical setting. 

terrace design thailand
This sun bathe terrace is a great feature on the East of the property

The garden (over 800 sqm) is a lovely tapestry of stone gardens, fine gravel, sun loving grass, and random cut stone pavers. A mix of tropical plants and shrubs make up dozens of sprawling beds, decorating around the pool, main house and gym building. 

tropical landscape design
View from the hardwood bridge, across the garden

In the far corner of the plot, the Thai Garden Design team built a good sized waterfall with real, natural rock, complete with a decorative hardwood bridge.

beautiful landscaping in thailand
This wonderful pond and waterfall, with hardwood bridge, are an amazing viewing feature

Both automatic sprinkler and pond are fitted with timers, and switches installed within the inside of the home. 

wonderful stone garden designs
This tropical design and water feature are a great welcoming entrance into the new garden

As per the design, two waterpot features were also included, at the entrance and sun bathe areas, break up the beds and provide calming water sounds at key points in the garden. 

beautiful rock garden and tropical landscaping
This beautiful garden has really come alive

The final garden is an amazing mix of vibrant colors and classic tropical garden design. There is no dull area in any part of the garden, and is a perfect translation of the agreed plan that the customers fell in love with. 

tropical landscaping samui
The rock garden walkway leads to the hardwood bridge, and waterfall pond

If you are looking to create your tropical dream garden in Samui , or indeed any part of Thailand, then contact us here at Thai Garden Design


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