Tropical Landscaping in Thailand: The Royal Phuket Yacht Club

Tropical landscaping in Thailand

Built on a steep slope overlooking the Andaman sea, the Royal Phuket
Yacht Club
was one of the first luxury hotels to be constructed on
Phuket, and remains one of the most picturesque and memorable, due to
its professional garden design.

The designers of these lavish and ambitious gardens have addressed the many challenges that face gardener designers when close to the sea.

Gardens which are located near the coast often face strong winds, which if left unprotected, can take a big toll on the health of a coastal garden. As well as this, there is usually a lack of usable water (especially so on islands) as well as the serious problems of over flooding in the wet seasons.

The gardens at the Phuket Yacht Club utilise many local indigenous species, ones that are able to cope well with the local conditions, alongside new and more fragile plant life introduced to the gardens.

Quick growing ground shrubs, along with tall trees and bushes help to provide ground cover, and hold the soil together during the wet seasons.

These methods not ony assist in growing a healthy and flourising garden, but also result in numerous individual examples of spectacular botanical displays, where a mixed indigenous selection grow and protect other foreign and more fragile species.

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