Tropical Garden Designs and Garden Plans

Thai Garden Design specialize in creating bespoke landscape designs for all tropical gardens and spaces. From small to large gardens, villa landscapes, hotel gardens, to waterfall specification, pond and deck design, planting plans and indoor gardens.. You name it, Thai Garden Design can create wonderful garden designs no matter what the space is you need a design for.

tropical villa landscape plan

Our strength lies in our knowledge of tropical plants, trees and materials, and their behaviors over time. Whether you want a low maintenance modern landscape, or a tropical jungle oasis, we've designed and installed them all. From entrances to rooftops, from Asia to America.

pond plan bangkok

Our design offering covers commercial, industrial and domestic spaces, plus we are also able to 'drill down' to offer more specific plans, like pond and decking drawings for example. No job too small.

tropical landscape

So if you've just built a house, or are building a house, or are planning to build a new house in Thailand, maybe a good idea to get us a copy of the floor plan! We can begin the design of the garden at any stage, offering flexible designs, and quotations so you know where you stand at all times.

Designing or installing a wonderful garden isn't a chore for us. Get in touch if you want a beautiful tropical garden designed and installed for you, without misunderstandings, or hassles.

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