Small Front Garden for Bangkok Townhouse

The Thai Garden Design team recently re-designed and re-installed a tropical style rock garden, with water feature, at this modern townhouse in the central area of Sukhumvit, Bangkok. The before pictures show how the garden had, over time, become tired and a bit of an eyesore. The goal was to make a nice, attractive garden, low maintenance, so the owners could enjoy their front garden once again.

low maintenance town house garden

At first a plant list was drawn up, taking into account the low light levels – plants that will survive and thrive in shade. Upon agreement, the team moved in a completely cleared the area of all unwanted debris and plants. A hole was dug for a pre-made concrete pond, and a concrete slab was installed for a low waterfall, recirculating from a submersible pump installed in the water.

rock garden tropical plants bangkok

The new garden is a mix of coloured pebbles, tropical low maintenance planting, lighting, and a natural rock waterfall feature and pond, where small fish can be kept and the constant sound of water flow gives a calming background noise.

tropical rock garden bangkok

The new garden now is an improvement to the home and looks much better from inside and out. If you want to improve your garden landscape in Thailand, contact Thai Garden Design for more information or to book an appointment.

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