Bangkok Deck and Privacy Plan

The Thai Garden Design team recently installed this raised timber deck at a home in Bangkok. The side of the house was unused, even though there was ample garden space (3.0m from doorway to wall). The low wall into the neighbours home meant that direct vision was possible at all times, and so the owner decided to modify the garden.

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The team firstly removed all plants and grass from the space, and piled the area to give stability to the 4 inch reinforced concrete slab they laid for the new decking (sloped for drainage). Once dry, they build the deck on a network of hardwood runners, all treated for pest and termite protection.

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Colours for the deck were discussed and agreed, as was a lighting plan which included switches and breakers with lights at both ends of the deck (mounted into the steps). Spotlights were also placed amongst the privacy planting at the wall side, creating a green wall of privacy between the home owner and the neighbours.

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The new decking make easy access from the home, into the garden. This is also now accomplishable in private, rather than with full view of the neighbours, due to the mature hedge plants planned and installed by the team.

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Now the owners have freed up over 30 sqm of space that they didn’t have before, and the area is usable and private, rather than just an open, overgrown patch of plants and grass. If you need help with your garden in Thailand, contact Thai Garden Design for a chat about your ideas and requirements.

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