Wooden Wall and Deck Balcony – Ekkamai

This modern condo located in the heart of Ekkamai, Bangkok had an interesting shaped balcony that the residents wanted to change. Renovations inside the condo were ongoing, but the couple wanted somewhere outsid where they could sit and enjoy the view. The existing balcony was tiled, white, and dull. The team got to work on some balcony design ideas for the couple.

landscaped balcony thailand

After submissions and discussions, the final layout was agreed on and costed. A date was booked and the team got to work. You can see the final design below.

balcony designer bangkok

Within the design, low maintenance planting was agreed on, and some electrical work allowing more sockets and accessible power within the limited space.

modern balcony design

The final layout includes a complete hardwood slated wall, along one whole side, completely obscuring a window that the owners wanted blocked. The couple can now hang various plants and orchids from the wooden wall. The balcony floor was also fitted with a slightly raised hardwood deck, matched to the internal floor level, and in the same finish as the wall, completely changing the visual look of the balcony.

balcony decking thailand

There it is… a brand new, modern balcony in the centre of town, which can now be enjoyed every day and evening by the couple. If you need landscape and garden ideas and inspiration, contact Ben at Thai Garden Design now.

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