Colourful Low Maintenance Shade Garden (no grass!)

Thai Garden Design designed and installed this low maintenance shade garden for a couple residing in Pranburi, Prauchuap Khiri Khan. (To view the picture album, click here).

ugly tropical gardens

Picture above: The old garden had been left for long periods and the successful growth of the trees meant there was very little light getting through to the garden below. Grass had depleted and completely died in pockets, leaving a generally unattractive and earthy mess that was hard to use.

colourful tropical garden thailand

The team's focus was to make the garden attractive and usable again, an extension of the house and pool area.


Multiple hardscapes were discussed and planned for. After a few design tweaks and installation advice, the couple were ready to go ahead. The team worked on the garden for around one week and the finished garden is now a pleasant, open, attractive and inviting space, with various different hardscapes and colours, all vying to grab your attention.

modern low maintenance tropical garden

Some trees were removed to make way for a central connecting pathway, leading to a central laterite terrace and past a lawn of artificial grass. All are surrounded by eye-catching rock gardens, which add a multitude of colour in this easy-to-navigate space.

tropical rock gardens pranburi

New planting includes several hardy shade species, which with a little care and attention, will grow up and help to make this maturing garden even more full and welcoming.

If you own a patch of low potential land, or a back garden that you don't use, then why not convert it into one of the best features of your home? Thai Garden Design can drop by, design and install gardens and transform your living space. If you're interested in our garden services, contact us here for a friendly chat about your requirements.

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