Hardscaping Around the Home in Thailand

Building more hard surfaces around your home – Is it a good thing?

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It's a good way of extending your usable space from the inside of the home.. And there are lots of materials and artful ways to do it. In these example pictures (all from the same house / garden in Bangkok) the walkways and access into and from the main house were tired, a little shabby, and looked run down.

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The Thai Garden Design team used existing materials from the clients home, and new laterite, house brick, pebble stones and planting borders to establish a much more attractive style. Access into the home is now easier, and easier on the eye too!

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New spaces were created over the two large lawns, at either side of an existing sala. Sleeper walkways carve through the large garden, leading to raised terraces, large enough to house a family table and chairs.

bangkok landscape design

Walkways are decorated in various robust plant types – fan palms, pandanas and rhoeo's decorate and 'colour up' previosly dead spaces.

tropical planting schemes bangkok

The overall feel of garden, and house, have now changed. Area's of the home that were once a bit of an eyesore are now inviting and enjoyed by the entire family.

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