Tired of your Pool? Why not Convert it to a Tropical Pond?

The team at Pornchai Garden were called in to a house in Pattaya, where the owner had decided they no longer wanted their swimming pool at the centre of their courtyard. The owner had enough of the maintenance costs, and was considering filling it in, or converting it into something different, and one of his ideas was a tropical fish pond.

pool conversion thailand

Wanting to save on project costs, the customer filled the pond with stone, but wanted Pornchai Garden to create a new waterfall effect at the head of the pond. He supplied the stone, lighting and several ornaments himself, and the team got to work.

waterfall construction in thailand

Using the supplied stone, the team created a small waterfall feature, fitted with all the correct pipework, and a submersible pump to recirculate water from the pond to the top of the feature.

pond and waterfall

Plants from the owners home were installed in pockets created during the build, to finish the feature and make it look natural. The build in total took just two days, and the customer was very pleased with the final construction. (night video link below)

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2 thoughts on “Tired of your Pool? Why not Convert it to a Tropical Pond?”

  1. My hat off to you. I really like the water fall, you have made something ugly into something wonderful to look at. Was just wondering, was the waterfall made from sand stone and if so how did you set it in place.

  2. Hi Worm Farm, thanks for the comment. Yes the waterfall is built with Thai sandstone – the construction is with brick built pillars and cement, which is then painted to match the feature. The Thai Garden Team

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