Using Natural Rock and Stone in your Thai Garden Landscape

Rock and stone in thailand Just as using a good selection of plants, shrubs, trees and flowers can make your garden landscape look beautiful, adding natural rock and landscaping stone is always an excellent complement to a Thai garden landscape, really helping increase that natural feel and ambience to your Thai garden.

Thailand isn’t short of natural rock; with vast mountain landscapes, hill and coastline, but it is always advisable to shop around and compare prices with local knowledge. Rock and stone pieces of scale can be very expensive, and depending on your situation and requirements, it is sensible to seek the opinion of a Thai landscaping professional.

using rock in your thai garden Natural rock combines beautifully with other features in your Thai garden, water features are a favourite, as are raised beds, natural land peaks and troths, man-made rock mountains and streams, and within general relaxation areas. It is even possible to find rocks big enough for people to sit and lie down on, if you know where to look. Natural rocks and stone can also be successfully used as stand alone features within your thai garden layout.

Adding a natural Thai rock and stone design within the your garden landscape can be an absolute win-win, but the formation and location should be carefully thought through. Haphazardly adding large rocks to your garden with little thought as to the look and purpose would be a mistake, plus, moving large rocks isn’t easy; you will require a team of strong hands to do so, again it is best to seek the advice of experienced professionals.

Coloured landscaping stones can also be sourced to blend with a particular theme or feature within your Thai garden design.

If you are interested in adding natural rock and stone to your garden landscape in Thailand, then seek the advice of professionals and give Pornchai Garden a call. We can source, acquire, transport and install any type and size of rock, and to any design specification required.

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