Garden pathways

pathway design in thailand
Pathways and walkways make up an essential and often overlooked part of
any garden landscape. If done well, they will slot into your garden
design aesthetically; in themselves forming an attractive feature of
any garden.

pathway design in thailand
Interesting patterns of bricks or other materials can turn a garden
pathway into more than just a means of getting from one part of the
garden to another; well designed pathways will add to your garden,
helping to create a flowing landscape.

On the other hand, even if you have a beautiful garden, the wrong pathway can really detract from the rest of the garden design.

Of equal importance are the plants and shrubs used around a pathway, either helping to soften or accentuate edges and patterns.

are hundreds of different types of pathway and materials which can be
used to create them. Pathways are therefore something any garden
designer has to consider carefully, to ensure the best look and fit
with the overall garden design.

Pornchai Garden have installed hundreds of pathways for hundreds of satisfied clients throughout Thailand. If you are thinking about revamping your garden, or you have just purchased land in Thailand and want advice on your garden, find out what is possible and give them a call.

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