Allamanda, or the ‘Yellow Bell’

alamanda in thailand The year round presence of its bright yellow flowers make the Allamanda one of the gardener’s favourite tropical ornamentals.

Native to South and Central America, the Allanmanda are now completely naturised throughout South East Asia and Thailand.

Also known as the Buttercup flower, or the Golden Trumpet, Allamanda are easy to grow in sunny surroundings with good rainfall, but will flounder if kept in the shade and are sensitive to alkaline soil. In the right conditions, this evergreen shrub can grow to 2 metres tall. It has robust, thick dark green leaves and the bright flowers can grow to 3 or 4 inches across.

The Allamanda cathartica genus is also noted for its medicinal properties. The leaves, roots and flowers are used in the preparation of laxatives, and the milky sap contains antibacterial chemicals that are thought may fight cancer.

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