The Waters Edge Oasis – Thai Garden Design

This design can be allocated to a small part of the garden, one located at a waters edge of a river or large pond.

The Thai Waters Edge Oasis

1. Thick wooden steps halfway submerged into soil / 2. Water feature and sitting area / 3. Sectioned off planting areas / 4. Wooden or Wood Plastic Composite Patio with seating / 5. Small pier area over waters edge / 6. Small area for rocks around water feature / 7. Enclosing tall plants and shrubs

This design is perfect for those who would like to enjoy a private section of their garden that lies near to a river or water's edge of some description.

This garden is designed to enclose the space, enhancing privacy but allowing enough room to host a number of people at a time. The water feature at (2) can be adapted as an alternative sitting area.

Tall plants and shrubs enclose the area from all around, making this the perfect space to rest and relax.

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