Thai Garden Design (1) – The Hidden Thai Garden

Over the next few months, Thai Garden Design will show you some illustrations / plans of gardens to help give you some ideas about planning and planting a new garden in Thailand.

This garden is more suited to an urban town house or residence.

The Hidden Thai Family Garden

Hidden thai garden  
1. Shed / 2. Garage / 3. Pergola / 4. Lawn / 5. Wall / 6. Driveway / 7. House / Patio
8. Mixed border

Design ideas
This garden is a functional, family garden.

There is a nice clear lawn for the family to relax on, as well as a medium sized patio just outside of the house. The pergola also helps to improve shade and give seclusion, as well as giving the garden height and structure.

The driveway is screened to ensure that is doesn’t dominate the garden.

There is also ample storage space, if required, with the shed and garage. Colourful beds also help to cool your Thai garden, as well as add lots of colour.

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