Natural Stone Walkways

rustic thai walkway The practice of creating aesthetic walkways in your garden is essential if you want to attain a natural looking, attractive Thai landscape. Paths and walkways, although essentially just mediums for getting from A to B, are a great designing opportunity that should not be overlooked.

The surroundings of your garden plot will determine the best style for your walkway, as you will want to match the architecture of your house and garden with your path. In the example on the left, the main stone slabs have been roughly set down a slope, with random sized grey rocks and smaller stones to encase the main path, supported with green Thai shrubs and ground cover.

The tree in the background has larger white rocks to accentuate the tree feature, as well as some greenery, helping to create a rustic Thai walkway.

If you look at your Thai garden landscape, and you feel as though you could do with some extra help in designing and improving your yard or outdoor space(s), don't hesitate to contact Pornchai Garden or email

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