Pond Maintenance and Upkeep in Thailand

pond and lotus pond in thailand pond and water feature maintenance in thailand
Owning a large, natural pond or pool in Thailand need not be a headache. Firstly, getting one installed can be painless, especially if you hire an experienced landscaping company, like Pornchai Garden.

Secondly, upkeep is straightforward. Because of the Thai climate, the water doesn't need be heated, and you can keep fish suited to natural water, like certain species of carp.

Your pond or natural pool will need to be turned on for (at least) one hour a day, so that the pond water can be pumped through a filter tank (installed with the pond), and to oxygenate the water for the fish. The process of pumping the water means that the recycled water is then directed over a waterfall or rockery, creating the pleasant waterfall effect, so popular within tropical gardens.

In the picture above, the pond is being manually emptied by the Pornchai team, keeping the fish in a small pocket of water for a short time. The pond sides and bottom can also be cleaned at this point. Cleaning only needs to take place every 4-6 weeks for a large pond like the one pictured.

Once clean, new water can be used to refill the pond.

Do you want to install a natural water pond feature in your Thai garden? Or do you need someone to maintain your pond? If so, talk to the experts at Pornchai Garden and email ben@thaigardendesign.com for more information.

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