Creating Water Gardens and Water Features in your Thai garden

lotus pond thai garden
lotus pond water garden thailandThroughout Thailand, you will see countless examples of the use of water within the garden scape.

Most tropical gardens benefit from the presence of water. Thailand's own influences spawn from Royal Palaces and traditional Buddhist and temple gardens, which themselves employed water in both formal and informal settings within their confines. Thailand's cities also include various bodies of water throughout the landscape in the form of canals and lotus ponds.

Man-made cascading waterfalls are a popular feature in many a Thai garden. Large waterfalls are employed in hotel lobbies and malls to hold the attention of those passing through. Within a garden setting they can be dramatic and enchanting, and a good place to host guests outside.

The inclusion of man-made water gardens, waterfall features or cascading waterfalls within a Thai garden can be painlessly acheived through using a professional landscaping company like Pornchai Garden. Whatever style, size, or type, all your ideas can be incorporated into the design.

cascading waterfall thailand

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