Wall and Fence Design & Construction in Thailand

Tropical Thailand has many natural ways to create boundaries and borders – thick bristling hedges, curving treelines and thick undergrowth can all enclose garden spaces.

ornamental brick wall in thailand

Many modern housing developments in cities throughout Thailand have fixed property boundaries; the further you delve into the countryside and these can become less visible. Such barriers are a necessity in most gardens, to keep unwanted elements outside, and to clearly define property lines.

stone wall thailand landscape

There are hundreds of ways walls and fences can be improved and enhanced, even in smaller urban gardens, there is no requirement to stick to the ordinary. Bamboo is a great way to create interest and improve an otherwise dull wall, ceramic tiling can also be employed, and colours that match or deviate from the interior theme of the garden can work well.

stone wall with shrubs thailand

Being in Thailand, the growth of native green plants and creepers around a wall is almost expected, and a maturing wall of rock and natural greenery is always an attractive and tasteful combination. The presence of water along the wall, perhaps running down the face of the wall, will encourage moss to grow, which in time will make the wall look rustic and well established, particularly so when within a well planned landscape.

wooden fencing and tropical planting

More formal walls can always be enhanced with the addition of wall art, available throughout Thailand in hundreds (thousands) of different styles and materials… Fences too, can be broken up aesthetically, with a well placed stone and brick centre piece, making the wall itself a focal point.

Often the best and most appealing ways to fence rural and countryside gardens is to build split wooden fencing, using wood that best blends into the landscape, and then with the clever planting of foliage and trees this will provide shade and cover, as well as camoflage the fence (see picture).

So if you are in your garden and are fed up with staring at a rather dull wall, talk to the experts at Pornchai Garden, our team can turn the most  lacklustre parts of your landscape into exciting, attractive focal points.

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  1. Fences and hedges are sometimes part of landscaping ideas. Moreover, people favor putting fences and hedges to clearly define their property and to avoid intruders.

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