Pond Filtration System Installed for Somkid Garden Condominium

Thai Garden Design recently designed and installed this new pond filtration system for a large concrete stream located at the Somkid Garden Condminium complex. The stream, built some years ago, didn’t have any form of filtration, so the visitors to their pleasant gardens couldn’t see the fish through the unclear waters. The management committee approached Thai Garden Design for a solution.

filtration system large stream bangkok

The team visited and prepared a proposal for a concrete filter system located at one end of the stream. Also air jets were installed around the pond, directing the water flow and keeping the waters moving at all times. The floor of the stream was also pebbled, allowing dirt and fish poop to accumulate over time. For this, the team sandbagged and emptied half the pond, skimmed a new concrete layer with a smooth finish. Once dry, the second half of the pond was given the same treatment. This smoother surface ensures none of the waste can accumulate, and the pond is easily cleaned.

fish pond thailand bangkok

The improvements to the clarity of the water have been noticed by all those who reside and visit the gardens. The fish are now easily seen and make great viewing at both day and night.

fish pond bangkok

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