Family Garden Conversion for Bangkok Home

The garden team bangkok at Thai Garden Design recently visited, designed, and installed this garden transformation for a young Bangkok family who were tired of not being able to use the outside space of their modern home. The couple had previously installed a cement board decking that had broken apart and deteriorated over time. This was to be removed and replaced with something low maintenance.

landscaping in bangkok

Planting improvements were a key part of the installation (picture above) – with troublesome trees removed, and a new modern look for the garden. Patchy grass was replaced with colourful pebble and stone gardens, and unique style pavers.

thai garden landscaping

Picture above – Overgrown plants had made areas of the garden inaccessiable. These were cleaned up and improved with a designed tropical plant scheme. Sandy, dead zones were brought alive.

modern garden designs bangkok

Overall, some simple changes to the space available have dramatically improved the look over the house and the garden. No more are parts unappealing or 'no go' areas. The whole space is brighter, more vibrant and ensures the whole the house is now welcoming. If your garden in Thailand needs a helping hand, contact the team here.

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